Milk Filling line

Ultra Clean edition

The Ultra Clean edition of AssetCLean™ is a representative of the latest generation of synchroblocs with its own automatic CIP system and device for sterilization of the tank and the filling valves, for automatic washing, and also for sterilization of bottles and caps using various technologies.
The bottles, at best, are fed by air conveyor system, directly from the blow-moulding machine (a part of the line itself).
The caps are fed through a linear tunnel for sterilization.


The AssetClean™ 49 snychrobloc series with weight filling (WFS) are precise high performance systems. The latest generation of load cells incorporated in the machines guarantees excellent dosing accuracy while maintaining output of 60 bpm up to 400 bpm and handling bottles volumes of 80 ml to 5 liters. The synchroblocs integrate all available ultra clean systems and provide ISO 5 clean filling and capping zone.