Milk Filling line

Bottling solutions for milk and other microbiologically sensitive products

Nowadays, the dosing machines develop in direction of increasing automation and productiveness, so as reaching higher hygienic requirements according to the specificity of the filled products. We, INDEX-6®, have focused our attention on developing lines, concerning milk and milk products, in constant contact with our clients in this field.

The fresh milk is a microbiologically sensitive product, delicate also because of its aromatic, gustatory and food substances. It is distinguished for its certain shelf life and the certain storage conditions.

Preventing chemical or microbiological contamination after product treatment, during the filling, is of great importance to the production of fresh milk with extended shelf life (ESL).
The resolution we suggest is INDEX-6® production series synchroblocs AssetClean™, especially designed in Ultra Clean edition for microbiologically sensitive products. There are different configurations of the synchroblocs – weight or flowmetric filing with laminar product flow, with a varying number of dosing and capping heads according to the needs of the specific production and special patented filling valves for Ultra Clean filling.

ESL milk is a category of preserving milk, which has better aromatic and gustatory qualities than the pasteurized milk; it has longer shelf life under cooling storage conditions; it is not commercially sterile, i.e. the valuable aromatic and gustatory characteristics are preserved, but storage and transportation under certain temperature conditions is required.

The series of advantages of ESL milk, in comparison with the others, lead it to the fore of the contemporary dairy industry – ESL treatment gives the opportunity of economical production without compromise with the quality of the milk and its taste (probably the one closest to the completely fresh milk’s taste). Exclusive attention is paid to the precise manufacture and to the control of the hygienic filling and packing process.

The filling could be: