Milk Filling line

Touch INDEX-6 experiences

full automatic filling line
Our experience (particularly in the dairy equipment) dates from 1999, when we developed and introduced the first weight dosing bloc in complete line, and later on a flowmetric bloc for more compact application. We have patented hygienic filling valve with laminar flow for high speed filling with no foaming; a range of filling valves for various types of products with specific filling requirements.
Our Research and Development Department during their work together with our partners and clients has done upgrades several times both of the mechanical section and of the technologies for precise dosing and filling, increasing the capacity and the hygiene level of Ultra Clean edition.
Nowadays, our lines are running actively and producing one of the most popular and significant brands of products on the European market, on the Near East and on the internal market. We provide covering of the range from 2000 to 24000 bottles per hour with the specialized equipment for filling of bottles by neck and the widely universal “base” models for filling of both PET and glass containers.