Milk Filling line

Milk filling standard – AssetClean™

Asset Clean AssetClean™ is an INDEX-6® trade mark for filling of milk and other microbiologically sensitive products – these are synchroblocs, specially designed to meet the requirements of the dairy industry for filling in clean environment and the high hygienic expectations for bottling of fresh milk with extended shelf life. There are various configurations of filling systems, using flowmetric (FFS) or weight (WFS) filling technology. Innovative control algorithm regulates the filling speed for maximal capacity with high precision of dosing (± 1 ml). The electronic flowmeters or digital load cells are controlled by a complex software system, continuously improved and perfected over the many years of experience.
The standard machines’ edition is manufactured in high class stainless steel, which satisfies all food standards, with optimized construction, consisting of inclined surfaces, free of contamination retention, equipped with automatic system for washing with sanitary solutions and many times increased volume of the fed sterile air. Our patented laminar flow filling valves are specially designed for hygienic applications.
The freestanding glass guards made in defensive glass give the opportunity to watch all areas of the process and provide easy access for maintenance and hygiene control. The module design allows fast adjustment when changing packaging without unwanted outage; the direct control by sensor display (absolutely intuitive) gives complete information about the current state of the blocks and also about the duration of the production process.

The LINEAR model AssetClean™ 43FFS is intended especially for moderate size production wit h increased flexibility, the maximal capacity up to 2800 bph and containers ranging from 0.2 to 5 liters. The machine is equipped with the latest generation flowmetry.

Еasily readjustable for work with different-volume containers in the range 0.2 to 5 liters, using a minimal quantity of format parts. The bottles used can be glass, HDPE or PET, with cylindrical, square, rectangular or elliptic cross section.

The machine comes equipped with the purity protection system IND-PPS as standard. It utilizes a collector for CIP connection and pump for rinsing fluid lead-off. Provided is sterilization for the bottles and the caps and overpressure supply of a laminar flow of sterile air into the working zone of the machine. Sterilization can be carried out both with hydrogen peroxide based solution and with superheated steam.

“The BIG One” – AssetClean™ 45 RFТC SYNCHROBLOC

A rotary modular bloc for ultra clean filling of fresh milk directly in the source farm. The bloc is deliberately downsized to fit within 5 square meters. It’s a modern flexible piece of machinery able to handle PET or HDPE with volumes ranging from 250 ml to 5 litres. “The BIG One” represents the most pragmatic choice for an individual solution. It is available in three versions: – 45 RFТC 8/4 – with output of 3600 litres of milk per hour; 45 RFТC 12/6 – with output of 5400 litres of milk per hour; 45 RFТC 16/8 – with output of 7000 litres of milk per hour.
A bottle sterilisation unit is available for each of them. Dosing accuracy is ± 3 ml. Several optional features are available depending on the application:
- Closed structure with roof;
- Air sterilization system with HEPA filters;
- Inclined plates ensuring perfect cleaning and self-draining of residual liquids;
- System for external washing;
- Mass flowmeters;
- Increased precision of dosing: ± 1 ml. Double speed filling cycle option;
- Motorized height adjustment;
- UV caps sterilization;
- Returning pump for recirculation to CIP station;
- System for washing of the product flow tract in two directions;
- System for sterilization of the product flow tract using low pressure steam.